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Index of Photographs

  I have been enjoying the hobby of digital photography for about 2 years.  I find that using a digital camera gives me a freedom that I don't have with a traditional camera.  By this, I mean that I never feel that I am wasting film or wasting money.  I now have the freedom to experiment with many different types of shots, lighting, subjects, etc...

  I am indexing and sorting some of my favorite photos for display here.  Currently available for viewing are photographs of the variety of butterflies I have been able to capture.  I find butterfly photography especially challenging.  The butterflies seem to always be "on the move", staying in place for just a moment before moving on to their next destination.

  I also enjoy the aspect of discovering a butterfly species that I have not previously photographed.  My most recent "find" was the Monarch butterfly.  I have not often seen the Monarch butterfly here in Atlanta, and am thrilled that I happened to have my camera with me at the time.

  I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs I have posted.   I hope to have time to post more photos in the near future, so please return for a visit soon.

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