Categorized listing of Home Decor items currently available which feature a butterfly theme.

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Butterfly Themed Home Decor Items:

Art - Selection of stained glass butterfly wall decor, tapestries, and prints.

Bath - Butterfly themed items for the bath, including towels, shower curtains and more.

Candles - A nice selction of butterfly themed candles and candle holders.

Furniture - Tables, matching mirrors and miscellaneous items.

Lighting - Large selection of lamps and other lighting all featuring a butterfly theme.

Linens - Bedding sets, quilts, blankets, throws, and sleeping bags.

Pillows - A fine selection of decorative pillows featuring a butterfly design. Many hand stitched!

Rugs - A selection of rugs featuring a butterfly design, including hand-loomed rugs imported from overseas.

Misc Home Decor Items

Butterfly Doorbell and Knocker Combination

Baby Butterfly Shelf with Peg Hooks

Butterflies Shelf Liner by Bob Timberlake

Butterfly Pushpins
Set of 8

Butterfly Knob
2in. x 1 1/2in. Verdigris Antique Finish

Butterfly Knob
2in. x 1 1/2in.
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