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Tawny Emperor
(Asterocampa clyton)

  I photographed this Tawny Emperor butterfly in Piedmont Park - Atlanta, Georgia on 20 June 2004. When I entered the park, this butterfly flew right up to me, landed in front of me and posed for quite some time. I had no trouble getting close... this one was not skittish at all.
Tawny Emperor butterfly photo
20 June 2004
  When I later identified this butterfly as a Tawny Emperor, I was surprised to find that there was no county record of the Tawny Emperor (Asterocampa clyton) for Fulton County, Georgia.

  I submitted a photo for verification to the Georgia verifier, Bill Russell, as suggested on the Butterflies of North America website. I received the following reply right away:
Tawny Emperor butterfly photo
20 June 2004
Cheryl: Thanks for the Asterocampa clyton record in Fulton County. This is a county record! Asterocampa celtis is fairly common. The photo is of a very fresh female (and a very good photo at that)...thanks and keep looking...Bill

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Butterflies of North America: Tawny Emperor - This site features general information about the Tawny Emperor butterfly, as well as other species.

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