Hummingbird Figurines and Collectibles. Small decorative items for your home. Great Hummingbird Gift Ideas!

Hummingbird Figurines, Ornaments, and Collectibles

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Collectibles and Gifts

Hummingbird and Flowers Paperweight
Jesse Taj Glass - Includes paperweight stand.

Swarovski Hummingbird
Faceted clear crystal Hummingbird, jet crystal eyes, clear and frosted crystal flowers frosted crystal base.

Hummingbird Marble
Jesse Taj Glass

Song of the Hummingbird Miniature Jewelry Box
by D.B.Williams. Austrian Crystal over enameled sculpture.

Diamond-Cut Hummingbird

Pewter figurine in its own display box.

Pewter Hummingbird

Hummingbird Acrylic Sculpture

3 Hummingbirds w/Crazed Glass Perfume Bottle


Porcelain Hummingbird Over Flowers

Porcelain Hummingbird and Flowers

Glass Figurines

Spun Glass Hummingbird Carousel

Color Glass Hummingbird Carousel

Spun Glass Hummingbird Carousel

Glass Sculpture Hummingbird With Flower

Spun Glass Hummingbird Love

Spun Glass Hummingbirds On Cross
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