Hummingbird Jewelry - Necklaces, Pins, Bracelets, Earrings, Charms, Anklets, Toerings and Watches.

Hummingbird Jewelry

The jewelry featured on this site is available from a range of fine jewelers and merchants through the program. I have researched and categorized the pieces, to create this hummingbird collection for your shopping convenience.

For more information about each piece, simply click the photo or link.

Pins / Broochs - A small selection of pins and broochs,
priced under $100.

Necklaces / Pendants - A small selection of pendants and necklaces featuring a hummingbird.

Earrings - Several earring sets featuring a hummingbird theme.

Bracelets / Charms - A small selection of charms and bracelets featuring a hummingbird.

Rings - I have found only a few rings available which feature hummingbirds. I will post additional selections as they become available.

Keyrings - hummingbird themed key rings.

Jewelry Boxes

Music/Jewelry Box Hummingbird w/Fuchsia

Round Hummingbird Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Trinket or Pill Box

Bejeweled Hummingbird Jewelry Trinket Box Purple

Hummingbird Glass Trinket Box

Hummingbird Glass Trinket Box

Hummingbird Jewelry Box
Also see Music Boxes.


Black Hills Gold Ladies Hummingbird Ring
Sizes from 5 through 9.5

Black Hills Gold Ladies Hummingbird Ring
Sizes from 5 through 9

Hummingbird Ring
Sizes 6-10

Hummingbird Band Ring
Sizes 5 to 10

Hummingbird Toe Ring
14k gold. Adjustable.
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