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Collectible Hummingbird Plates

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Collectible Hummingbird Plates

Crystal Hummingbird Plate
This beautiful crystal plate was designed by the Edward Marshall Boehm studio, USA and produced by Hoya, Japan.

Hummingbird Plates, Set of 4
This set of 4 ceramic, handpainted plates show the graceful Hummingbird in different flights amidst the floral background.

Wild Wings Songbird Plates - Summer Hummingbird
By Rosemary Millette - Rosemary brings songbirds to life for your collection. 23K gold rim. Limited to 14 firing days. Certificate of Authenticity.

Wild Wings Songbird Plates - Hummingbird in Granium
By Susan Bourdet. Rich in color and character, these porcelain plates are finished with a 23K gold rim. Limited to 14 firing days.

Hummingbird Decorative Collectors Porcelain Plate
White porcelain plate measures 8.25 inches in diameter and is trimmed with 24 kt gold.
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