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WunderKeys Wunderbies and Primer Felt Finger Puppet Sets

Why the price increase?

Hi folks!

After much consideration, I have found that I must increase the pricing on the Wunderbies sets that I make and sell.

I have been selling these puppet sets for 9 years with no increase (ever) to the cost of the sets. Over the years the only increases I have made were to the shipping costs, due to the increases made by the USPS. The cost of materials to make the puppets have more than doubled. Supplies needed for packing and shipping have also increased, and PayPal fees are being increased on August 2nd.

Since the pandemic began, I have been struggling financially. I have been happy to make the Wunderbies sets, and love that I can earn some money working from home - however I was making less than $4.00 per hour. I increased pricing on my other puppets and sets a few years ago, and was only bringing the Wunderbies sets up to the level of my other items.

I know that many of you are also struggling, so I hope you understand my position. I truly appreciate your business, and hope that you will continue to support me.

Thank you!
~ Cheryl

Orders are stitched on a first come, first served basis. Out of stock items generally take a few days to stitch - depending on the size of your order.

I will send you an email letting you know I have received your order & when I will ship your puppets. (In stock items usually ship the next day.) Email me if you would like a time estimate before placing your order.

Visit the WunderKeys website.

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