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Connect the Dots Books

The simple books listed here are ideal for children who are learning to count, as well as those who are learning the alphabet. While many of the books listed here are numbered puzzles, there are many which feature puzzles connecting the dots from A to Z.

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Simple Connect the Dots

USA Dot-to-Dot
From the Lady Liberty to Hollywood, the USA comes into focus for children when they complete the pictures.

Construction Vehicles Dot-to-Dot
Connect the Dots & Color ages 4 - 8

At the Circus Dot-to-Dot
The pages have plenty of three-ring fun, because they're filled with facts amazing and crazy, entertaining stories of the circus.

On the Farm Dot-to-Dot
This book features farm buildiongs as well as animals.

Rescue Vehicles Dot-to-Dot
Connect the Dots & Color ages 4 - 8

Little Farm Follow-the-Dots
ages 4 - 8

Alphabet Dot to Dot
In these simple and cute pictures, children donít follow the numbers to connect the dots; they follow letters instead.

Super Cars Dot-to-Dot
From charming buggies like Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang to James Bondís sleek DB5 Astin Martin, these automobiles will inspire childhood (and grown-up!) fantasies.

A-Z Dot-to-Dots
Instead of connecting the dots with numbers, here pre-schoolers connect the letters. Each image has 26 dots that go from A to Z.

1-100 Dot-to-Dots : Connect the Dots & Learn to Count
ages 4 - 8

Baby Animals Dot-to-Dot
Children will really connect with these 38 young animals, from small golden chicks to adorable baby elephants.

Dot to Dot Count to 50
These fun connect-the-dots help children master their numbers and improve their manual dexterity.

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot
Each page features a fun activity that helps reinforce uppercase and lowercase letters, ABC order, and eye-hand coordination.

Animal Alphabet Follow-the-Dots
44 puzzles help early-school-age youngsters learn the alphabet.

Animal Dot-to-Dot
30 puzzles for pre-schoolers and early-school-age children.

The Little Alphabet Follow-the-Dots Book
ages 4 - 8

Follow the Dots Coloring Book
Children will enjoy creating 45 delightful, colorable pictures that follow the adventures of Sara and Jamie in the Land of Dots.