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Maze Books (Newest Releases at Top)

For Solving - Ages 4 to 8

Monsters, Myths & Mysteries: A Tangled Tour Maze Book
These magical, mysterious creatures and places will fascinate children and so will the fun and elaborate color mazes, each set inside the shape of a highlighted mythical being.

Charlie & Wilbur's Dinosaur Mazes
Charlie the Crocodile and Wilbur the Turtle wander through caves, up hills, near red-hot volcanoes, and by the cool sea, they'll unravel mazes about the beasts they see.

Easy Dinosaur Mazes
These 37 dinosaur mazes are geared toward 4- to 8-year-olds and include solutions.

Little Monster Mazes
The cutest little monsters you ever saw have places to go and you can help them get there! Put them on the path to happiness with these 48 great mazes.

Fun Farm Animal Mazes
Farm animals are eager to get to where they want to go. You can help! And when you're finished, you can have even more fun by coloring the large pictures that accompany these 30 mazes.

QuestMaster: Heroic Maze Adventures

Mega Mazes

Maze Mania

Maze Craze: Magician's Castle

Maze Madness: Truly Tricky Mazes

QuestMaster: Mysterious Maze Adventures

Wildlife Mazes : An A-Maze-ing Colorful Journey into the Wild!

Armchair Puzzlers: Mad Mazes

Amazing Magic Mazes: Egyptian Mazes : A Tomb-Raiding Adventhure

Amazing Magic Mazes: Pirate Mazes : A Swashbuckling Adventure

Child's Play Mazes: Animal Adventure Mazes

Hidden Picture Mazes

Picture This! Mazes

An Amazing Magic Mazes: Haunted Castle Mazes : A Spooky Adventure

An Amazing Magic Mazes: Jungle Mazes : An Amazon Adventure

Maze Madness: Mind-Melting Mazes

Maze Craze: Magical Forest Mazes

Maze Craze: Detective Mazes
Go through the mazes to follow a tangled trail of clues with the super sleuth as he tries to crack the crime.

Maze Craze: Dinosaur Mazes
Dinosaur-crazed children will love using their maze-solving skills to find fossils of their favorite prehistoric animals.

Maze Madness: Super Fun Mazes
Each maze has real kid-appeal, with lots of bright, engaging elements in the picture.

The Best of
Puzzlemania Mazes

Ages 4-8

Easy Animal Mazes
Forty-six fun-filled mini mazes let youngsters show a friendly creatures how to get where they want to go.

Magical Mazes
Ages 4-8

Monster Mazes
A single story runs throughout this book, as you make your way through a moster filled mansion.

Fascinating Mazes
Unusual collection of 36 mazes loosely based on themes from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Hidden Treasure
Maze Book

Challenging mazes accompanied by tales of adventure.