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Jigsaw Mazes

Escape from Alcatraz Maze Jigsaw Puzzle
1000-pc Puzzle within a Puzzle
(12 years and up)

Escape From the Haunted House Jigsaw Puzzle
1000-pc Puzzle within a Puzzle
(12 years and up)

Escape from Merlins Dungeon Maze Jigsaw Puzzle
1000-pc Puzzle within a Puzzle
(12 years and up)

Maze Board Games

The Amazing 'Master Labyrinth' Deluxe Board Game
Master Labyrinth board game puts you in search of the magic ingredients necessary to become a wizard as you wind your way through a constantly shifting maze.

The Amazing Labyrinth Game
Ever-changing mazes that one to four players must move through as they collect treasures. 8 years and up.

Reading Riddles Maze Game
Solve riddles to move through the maze. 6 years and up.

3-D Labyrinth
A three dimensional twist to the classic labyrinth line! The walls of the maze have come to life and you have the chance to explore them. Move your playing piece through the open corridors as you search for treasures. Ages 4 - 8

Labyrinth Card Game
Players draw tiles & add to the growing maze. Form paths from one treasure to another in order to be able to collect tiles back.

Handheld Maze Games

Two wands make these mazes perfect for playtime with friends or siblings. These colorful two player magnetic Mazes promote sharing and develop eye-hand coordination.

Magnetic Circle Express
A magnetic wand guides metal balls through fully enclosed maze. For ages 3 yrs. and up.

Think Fun Amaze
An amazing handheld maze that changes as you play. For ages 8 yrs. and up.

Bilz Obstacle
Puzzle gift for money or gift certificates.

Money Maze Bank
3.5" Square - Great combination of a challenging puzzle and an intriguing bank.

Maze Games for Game Systems

Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness
for PlayStation

Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness
for Game Boy Advance