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Maze Books

For Solving - Ages 9 & Up

The Haunted Castle of Count Viper: A Spooky Maze Adventure
Kids must find their way through graveyards, swamps, the Cave of Diamonds, and lots of perilous passes to confront the evil Count Viper in his haunted castle in order to rescue the twins he’s kidnapped.

The Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana: A Jungle Maze Adventure
Solvers will have to figure out a pathway through the dense foliage and across the lush, exotic terrain to rescue Doctor Fortuito, who’s lost somewhere deep in the jungle.

Sneaky Picture Mazes
Begin by solving the mazes as you would any other. But when you’re done going from start to finish, you’ve not only found the right path you’ve created a picture!.

Light Your Way: A Book of Mazes
Each segment begins with a short illustrated story, which presents the reader with a mystery and culminated with the reader trying to solve that mystery by going through an artful challenging maze.

Nature Trivia Mazes
Learn nature trivia as you solve these 35 mazes.

The Big Book of Mazes

Picture That! Mazes
mazes form pictures when completed

Super Hidden Picture Mazes
mazes form pictures when completed

Backyard Bug Mazes

The Ultimate Maze Book

Maze Craze
Explorer Mazes

History Mystery Mazes : An A-maze-ing Colorful Journey Back in Time

Kids' Bathroom Book: Mazes

A Super-Sneaky, Double-Crossing, Up, Down, Round & Round Maze Book
Ages 9-12

Storming A Castle: National Geographic Maze Adventures
Ages 9-12

Secrets Of The Pyramids: National Geographic Maze Adventures
Ages 9-12

The Giant Book of Mazes
Ages 9-12

The Everything Kids' Mazes Book: Twist, Squirm, and Wind Your Way Through Subways, Museums, Monster Lairs, and Tombs
Ages 9-12

Maze : A Riddle In Words and Pictures
A maze shaped like a book.

Super Silly Mazes
Ages 9-12

Undersea Adventure Mazes : An A-Maze-ing Colorful Journey
Ages 9-12