Pixel Paint by Number Logic Puzzles stimulate your mind while relaxing your body.

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Pixel Paint by Number Logic Puzzles: Testimonials
I love hearing from people who enjoy the puzzles I have worked so hard to create. Please feel free to drop me a line, if you have any of my books and wish to send me comments or feedback.

Hi Cheryl, I have just about finished your seasons series, and am thoroughly enjoying them. I own a Motel in country New South Wales, Australia and doing your puzzles is my only escape! So I'm worried that I'm going to run out! I can't find anything here that is anywhere equivalent to the quality of your puzzles and the beautiful images that are the reward for solving them! So please keep me updated, and I will order whatever you have to offer..
Mardi (Droll)
New South Wales, Australia

Cheryl - I am an avid pixel puzzle fan and have done most of the ones I can find out in the market. Yours are by far the most fun! Hope you have some more in the making for us. Thanks.
Bernie Remington

I was so excited to receive both Autumn and Summer books. I try to guess the picture as I do the puzzle for an extra challenge. I certainly hope more books are forthcoming -- perhaps the other two seasons, winter and spring? Thank you for the great puzzles.
Bridget Ruemmele
Rhode Island

Thank you so much for creating your wonderful "Summer" and "Autumn" collections of pixel puzzles. Ever since I first came across these puzzles I have thoroughly enjoyed them and have tried to get my hands on as many collections as possible. Of all of the books that I have encountered, I believe that yours are the best. The production quality is wonderful and the puzzles are challenging and fun! I also like the "theme" idea. Please keep creating puzzle books for that small group of us out here that love pixel puzzles!
Vicki Morrow
Naperville, Illinois

Pixel Paint by Number Logic Puzzles: Autumn - Testimonials
Have you purchased this book?   Would you like to add your 2 cents?   Tell me which puzzle was your favorite or least favorite.   Help me improve upcoming books by sending feedback.

Were the puzzles too easy or too hard?   Too small or too large?   Let me know & I may publish your comments on this page, along with a link to your website.

PS. Two of my favorite puzzles from this book are puzzle 73 and puzzle 75.
The book is exactly what it is advertised it to be.  100 puzzles will give hours and hours of fun.  Each puzzle takes several hours to solve, but none of them are overly complicated.  These are great to work while relaxing in front of the TV. You don't have to focus too much attention and can start and stop as needed.

I had never seen this type of puzzle before but had no trouble getting started thanks to the detailed instructions in the book.  This book makes a great gift for children as well as adults.  I would recommend it for anyone who likes doing puzzles.
Christine McKim
Inglis, Florida

I have really enjoyed your autumn pixel puzzles book.  I especially appreciate the variety of difficulty levels.  Even advanced solvers enjoy a quick, simple puzzle and novices need easier puzzles to cut their teeth on.  You have provided both, as well as larger, harder puzzles for those who wish to be challenged.
Marian McMichael
Atlanta, Georgia

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